famous photographer artist statement

If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” Cindy Sherman is an American conceptual artist. 01. “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. Don McCullin (Image credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images). She is one of the most influential artists in the modern age of photography. Artist statements are particularly susceptible to these traps because we write what we think people want to hear instead of what’s actually true to our work. Artist Statement. 100 best photography quotes from famous photographers. Got Milk Project. My art is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. - Anaïs Nin. I understand the value of confidence and selling yourself, but these kinds of descriptions will be a turnoff to a lot of people. I think of my installations as unfinished inventories of fragments: objects, drawings, paintings, photographs, and other inventions. Unit Nine. Typically a photographer will have a general artist statement that summarizes the way the work is made, the major themes that tie the different bodies of work together, and the way that photographer looks at the world. This section should be include relevant information about the photographer, including when and where the photographer lived and produced art. short artist statement: millie wilson. It is the process by which I choose to explore the people, things and world around me. Cunningham was an American famous photographer famous for portraits, industrial landscapes, and botanical photography. Her intimate portraits convey blurred imagery and soft focus to solidify the structure and figure of her subjects. Does it have to be a traditional artist’s statement? Your artist statement should feel like it’s written by you, the artist—not by a critical theorist or an art history professor or a dealer or a curator. Meanwhile, Cunningham’s floral still lifes show natural forms using light, shadows, and attention to details. Obviously too famous to need explanation! I have seen statements that say things like “an expert of her craft, this photographer captures beauty in a way that nobody else has”. Artist Statement. This is easy to understand, especially when she has two images on the list of The 10 Most Expensive Photographs in the World. Master Photographer Peter Lik has spent over 35 years pushing the boundaries of fine art. 6. Cindy Sherman. Tom was named the 2011 Conservation Photographer of the Year by Nature’s Best Photography, placing his work in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Artist Statement: I think one of my favorite quotes may sum up how I feel about my photography (and life in general): We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. They are improvisational sites in which the constructed and the readymade are used to question our making of … Antony Gormley - no statement.Brief biography which identifies some key themes and focuses on major exhibitions and awards; Andy Goldsworthy - no website, no statement - but lots of work and publications; Damien Hirst's website is a set of announcements and information about how to buy - no biography and no artist statement. One of the most prolific nature photographers of our time, Mangelsen is as much an artist as he is a conservationist. A self-taught pioneer in the field of landscape photography, Lik is internationally renowned for capturing the beauty and raw power of the world around us. 1.

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