followers of the apocalypse

In Trump We Trust Followers focus on providing education and medical services to those in need, as well as furthering research in non-military areas. There appears to be no way that she'll decline, so once you're done just report back to the Lucky 38 and complete your quest. A blonde haired,blue eyed courier gets shot in the head on her way to new Vegas with a platinum chip with her. headquarters We hope to forge a brave new world free of war and poverty by sharing knowledge and resources. 00117e12 High quality Followers Of The Apocalypse gifts and merchandise. User Info: WovenHand. [38] Other avenues of technological research include solar power as a sustainable alternative. Victor can’t just let her stay six feet under,she has a job to do and a package to deliver to a 200 year old genius. Virus scan . From the Fallout video game series. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on In response, some of the Followers instigated a campaign to erode what little support NCR has among the locals of the frontier.[16]. The Followers of the Apocalypse are a secular-humanist organization originating in New California. Talk:Followers of the Apocalypse - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! [10], The destruction of the Master by the Vault Dweller removed the only clear obstacle in the way of Follower expansion. Followers of the Apocalypse, Las Vegas, NV. The origins of the Followers lie in a humble community on the outskirts of San Diego (Dayglow), the only remaining town near the Glow. I hope you enjoy this mod and have a good time bringing Peace to the Wasteland. And we have, to some degree. [11] The failing relations were also fueled by internal dissent. [8], The destruction of the Master by the Vault Dweller removed the only clear obstacle in the way of Follower expansion. 58 likes. 1.01. The administrator can assign duties to probationary members, including positions such as junior archivist,[28] assistant to a full member,[29] or cataloging the Pre-War Unexploded Munitions Collection in New California (in case a prospective member has no major qualifications). Of course, sometimes their teaching has unpredictable effects. Fallout / Fallout: New Vegas / Van Buren faction WovenHand 9 years ago #1. [11] The Followers focused on their goals and eventually, the Boneyard became the first known place in the wasteland to boast a University. [68], Due to the aforementioned supply issues in outlying hubs, Followers also focus their efforts in researching new methods of obtaining medical supplies and other materials, which would allow them to greatly expand their efforts outside New California. [34] However, they are liable to force people out of their organization if they are seen as a distinct threat. But the execs at OSI Central... they're still bound to the old ideas. Nukapedia + The Vault. Fliers lay on the floor in the now abandoned freeside clinic, as well appear on the fence outside and several other locations within Freeside. [31] However, they are liable to force people out of their organization if they are seen as a distinct threat. [20] Their ultimate goal is to gradually shape a better brighter future for the wasteland through education, research, and medical services. [48], Of course, this source of supplies and funding only works as long as the other party is willing to accept what the Followers offer. Society of equals, and all that. No way is he getting away with this. Original upload 10 October 2018 1:55AM. [28] The latter is a textbook example of the Follower philosophy: Leveraging local resources to allow for sustainable agriculture. They are also proponents of sharing basic necessities – food, water and medicine – instead of hoarding them. With the gole of providing and education and medical services to those struggling to survive in the wastes. They are also mentioned in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. [41], As a fundamentally non-profit organization, the Followers rely on a variety of sources to acquire supplies for their operations. The Followers consider the Great War to have been preventable and strive to remind people why it happened in the first place and ensure it never happens again. The Followers of the Apocalypse are a secular-humanist faction, dedicated to reeducating and rebuilding the wasteland and to ensuring that humanity does not repeat the mistakes that led to the Great War. [4][2][5], The first steps towards the formal establishment of the Followers happened in the 22nd century, when sickness was spreading among the settlement's inhabitants,[6][7] leading the parents of Nicole to gather the survivors and moved north.

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