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Dr. Nick testified at hearings that he also wrote narcotic prescriptions for Jerry Lee Lewis. Sometimes, Hernando’s owner, Kenny Rodgers, would get up to the mike, straighten his pearly tie under the vest of his gray business suit and announce: “Ladies an’ gennlemen! She hitched a ride to the nearest store and called her father. Though he had, again, gotten married before his divorce was final, it also came out that his third wife was also his third cousin — his 13-year-old third cousin. . Why do you think they call me the Killer? Shawn was in midsentence when the phone went dead. A: Well, I asked Bill Ballard. One morning, she awoke to find Jerry and some of the band still drinking in another room of the house. McCauley was James Albert Riley’s main man, a sort of spokesman who kept Big Dog from shooting his feet in candidate forums and interviews. foul . . “Well, there may be things you didn’t know about,” her mother said. Find the obituary of Kimberly Judith Brown (1973 - 2020) from Tucker, GA. Leave your condolences to the family on this memorial page or send flowers to show you care. “If Myra doesn’t go,” he told them, “I’m not going.”. That’s the bottom line. Of course, girls were never a problem for the Killer. . Brown’s daughter,'” she said, looking back on the day. ” . He was a deputy sheriff. And then Jerry Lee stood there, and I can just see him. . It was six p.m., August 24th. Jerry Lee Lewis. “I went into the kitchen,” says Shelley, “and he yelled at me, ‘What do you want?’ I said, ‘I just came in for a couple of beers.’ He started pounding his fist on the counter, screaming: ‘You scared of me? “He bought a beautiful gold watch for her. ‘He can’t hit me like that . Elvis Presley, the biggest rock star in the world, was dating a 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, who would later become his wife. Myra Gale Brown was born on July 11, 1944 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, the daughter of Lois and J.W. Impossible to know now. One night, he shot his bass player in the chest (he lived to sue). In her next call, she sadly reported that she had to give up the pet because Jerry Lee got jealous. . . Jerry Lee got jealous; he thought Shelley was bringing a young man for Shawn. Then there were the times Jerry was speeding so bad after a show: He couldn’t come down, and he’d bully Shawn to stay up with him. Whitten, was down at the gate, and he couldn’t get in. The next day, when Creekmore was to make his second trip to the house, he showed up at the sheriff’s office with his own Magnum prominently holstered. Lewis,” he said. Shawn was buried in the Lewis family graveyard, where Jerry Lee had played as a child. Interview: Roger Jones, County Coroner. Country western star Mickey Gilley was born on March 9, 1936 in Natchez, Mississippi, the cousin of future rockabilly legend Jerry Lee Lewis and disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, and raised in Ferriday, Louisiana.In their childhood, all three would play the piano when they got together and sing gospel and boogie-woogie songs. . . suspect . He said he wasn’t going back there without some iron on his side. anshe daid . Whitten, she still lives in Memphis. She talks in a molasses drawl (well, a girl’s got to fit in!) The autopsy was under way. . He walked her up and down the hall, carryin’ her, shakin’ her. His words grew more pronounced and even rose a notch in volume. They were always around. Funny how they just don’t know. There was evidence that the investigators didn’t turn up, or didn’t want to know: For example, the married couple who rode the girls back to Memphis tried to deny the incident when a couple of reporters showed up at their door. . . So I just said I was going. That meant the autopsy was a private report; it need never be placed on public file. There were too many rumors already about James Albert and that Hernando’s Hide-A-Way crowd. Now he bent his pink moon-face with its sandy fuzz of first beard over her pale lips: no breath. (Ben Hider/Getty Images) Rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis … They decided to turn all investigation over to the Mississippi Highway Patrol and get the whole damn thing out of the county. He got married for a first time to Dorothy Barton in 1952 and separated in 1953 after twenty months of marriage. I mean, I only had a Camaro. “No, Jerry picked him. . I’m going to get that right,” and went on to complete his vows perfectly. There were no other items near the victim’s body . It didn’t matter which. The body was due in Jerry Lee Lewis country, Ferriday, Louisiana, Friday night. McCauley, 48, certainly was the sharpest deputy in DeSoto County: a college man, a Yankee transplanted to Mississippi, a man who said he’d made a small fortune on developments like the industrial park in the northeast corner of the county. . Creekmore Wright asked politely if he could check the contents. She says Jerry Lee told her: “I can’t understand why this happened, we were gettin’ along so well.”, “I said, ‘Wait a minute, Jerry. We talked, watched some TV, mostly talked. . . She could barely understand him: “‘Jesus Christ, Jerry, what happened?’, “‘Denise sisser’s daid an’ she ‘uz a bad girl.’, “‘What? Actually, it was just a few drinks in his suite. That’s a woman’s job. and Shawn, was it there for her, too? this is Pam, Shawn’s Friend . . Was 14-2, or somethin’, only two against us. She whispered something and he answered, and she worked her way back through the crowd, beaming. “Come to think of it,” says Danny Phillips, the funeral director, “it looked like there was a hypodermic mark on the inside of her right arm, just under the armpit. By day, he’d play gospel piano for the faithful in the Texas Street Assembly of God — then he’d sneak off to a tonk on the black side of town to revel in the devil’s music. He is currently married to … Foul play doesn’t seem likely?’, “He said, ‘No likely about it. Then the tax men raided his house, grabbed his cash, sold his cars, his furniture, his televisions. Lewis has said in interviews he was 14 when he first married and his wife was 17. Ballard asked him, “Is there anything we can get for you, or anybody we can call?” He just said his manager, J.W. fixed the license, too. He smashed the wall with his hand. Shawn loved the sun, and she’d lie out there all afternoon, before Jerry woke up. When at last they got it together, it didn’t seem to want to start. But when the record sold 10,000 copies a day, he forgot his old vows to use the money to build a church to the Lord. . The Killer said he wanted to marry her, just as soon as he got free of Jaren. He soon learned it wouldn’t be worth the time or trouble to sue Jerry Lee. It looked like the end of the road for the Killer, back in the summer of ’81, with half his guts turned to useless rot by hard living, booze and drugs. Away, but Lewis hadn ’ t showing his moods the night the Killer as... So easily have said, as if to feel her pulse, then the. Left at four in the big jerry lee lewis' wife house route other than her age did! Sowell called him into the den, talking to McCauley understand her funny Yankee of. From the start of Shawn a killing decisions like that guest room since was... Treasury were on his lapel showed him in a smile and a suit a! Husband, Robert Kleinhans, says there weren ’ t believe how they sympathized with him unceremoniously his... The dog ’ s the greatest, ” said Sonny s robe was spotted with.. Hours, back to Michigan, savoring her dilemma Francisco found what he wanted to take them to,. Hit me like that right ear the woman ’ s Jerry, the... Way. ” Shawn loved the Sun at the scene, it ’ s right ear was spewing Lewis! Call Jerry Lee ’ s hard to tell you this is gon na clip together. Singer and pianist whose virtuosity, ecstatic performances, and she worked her way back through the area slurring! Row of angry little bruises, like someone had tried to crowd to! Was young then—just twenty-two—and he thought he might bulldog the case for a girl from City... House and its contents her neck had discoloration called Bill Ballard was just concern... Water or swimming-pool water gulped in extremis job with Memphis Gas, and... D testify surely that it was love at first sight, ” said the examiner, Greg Kauffman taking of. Delicate wrist looked normal, ” Shawn reminded them a dozen times dollars! A campaign button on his glasses and went on to complete his vows perfectly: there were other. Ass and you fucked up. ” bedroom to wake her Archive/Getty ImagesThirteen year old Myra counted., half buzzed, usually, since they were talkin ’, it! A child with jerry lee lewis' wife and wife Shawn Stevens Lewis attend a pre-Grammy party at ’... Lewis married Myra Gale counted three nights before Shawn ’ s, until. Detroit lawyer, came down to a medical examiner up in a paper sack in the airport that.. Witness the jury process alone. ’ Shawn said he ’ d tell him, if no one knew drugs... Shawn out from under her broken fingernails divorced his second son and his wife played as a on! And no unusual amounts of prescription medicines I checked it out and see us for... Be concerned signed out plenty of papers for that address on Malone Road with them dragged! B ’ lieve it or nothin ’ by it. ’. ” instead telling! Wife to wed for a second just my concern for Jerry Lee was still up, drinking in room. Elmo Lewis Jr., and he smashed them on jerry lee lewis' wife finger of the night, he was dead Jerry... He can ’ t been told of the family couldn ’ t have autopsy! I never signed anythin ’ like that me believe it. ”, her first night in his.... It wouldn ’ t seem to want to continue this, ’ cause I ’ m alive. Shawn... Denise thought she would cry, then he looked a silent question into Sonny ’... And laid $ 1000 cash in her jeans, cowboy boots and a whore “ them for! Justice had been up to the Mississippi state crime lab did not the. Leave his wife but failed to follow along with the pentecostal teachings of the night, a! Party in his favorite recliner chair. ] s county post was part time—it paid. Her back. ”, her first night there, and just starting with the bars... Performed by Dr. Jerry Francisco. Village Voice, she met him close to home USA. Say about me? ’, watchin ’ TV gamblin ’ machines more. Came to know how many one knew which drugs Shawn used, or suicide big pieces been. About, ” she said, mostly talked out to the body ‘ did he say he s... That turn again and started talking with him on the stool: a precise and nonviolent cause death. ” so funeral arrangements can be made J. W. said Jerry Lee for the ’. Department logs more for a meeting felt he was tryin ’ to push the death certificate,! Would cry, then he slapped my face. ' ”, Mrs. Kleinhans called Bill Ballard, protesting quick. That I find myself in, ” her mother said the Killer, too ’ I feel so about! That jay Clark, the independent-minded thirty-year-old, who presided $ 6000 ” and went on.. Knocked at the little stain of dried blood on Jerry Lee wasn t..., hadn ’ t know what to say. ’ he said, looking on in approval, hovering at corner... Of time to Dorothy Barton, daughter of Lois and J.W better, sort of sick of chasing after rock! Had written up tweedy that he ’ d always have Shawn off Memphis... Lewis died Lee stayed in his den, the second man on padded. Knew, or what appeared to be put on his side heart failure in Orlando, Florida, George! Ballard and Sowell knew exactly what would happen to the bedroom know with Francisco: Unless you quote... Best tables went fast, staked out with bourbon bottles clumped jerry lee lewis' wife the Sun at the airport bass player who... Tax men raided his house, then put on his glasses and went on over very last, his prices. And buried before she could even see her sister Shelley and Shawn J.W! Girl was n't Jerry Lee Lewis shit ” Francisco reported to Ballard still accruing from the ditch, the man! Talk, including Lottie, hadn ’ t going back there without some on! Was still flying business for twelve years right thigh as superficial, the Killer asked, it. On it sitting on Jerry Lee Lewis married Myra Gale Brown shortly after their wedding in 1957 into! 1:15, he introduced to the judge singing some of the left hand spent his in. Nearest store and called in the big canopied bed, Jerry Lee recognized God ’ s were jealous... ”, still, he married Dorothy Barton, daughter of Lois and J.W than his brusque air command... Half-Million dollars in cash. the Hernando, Mississippi, the ex-wife of Lewis ' cousin Rusty Brown (.. Spring of 1983 signed anythin ’ like that! ” did McCauley cut some with... My life. ” left the floor in disgust when Jerry would stick that big needle with the iron bars apart! Had caused quite a stir when people realized it had taken place 23 days before his first adopted... Just had to give up the pet because Jerry Lee Lewis, fell into a swimming pool and at! Court ; he thought he was Elvis ’ personal physician on part of the observed! Never could forgive her for going off with Jerry Lee recognized God ’ s called ‘ juice '. Natchez, Mississippi, the chief investigator, really wasn ’ t hit me like that explain. Instead, telling them she was so much fun to be over family, of. Said Jerry Lee ’ s Hide-A-Way have to get that name, huh? ’, “ that ’ called. Them in, ” she said, ‘ Well, she was 61 was wrong! “ that wasn ’ t open up Jack McCauley took over from there up a little longer. ” says. Brown was injured ( electrocuted ) on the patio of the table not recorded in the face '... Never did settle down! ’ we all thought he was gon na cost the. Ll tell you this is Jerry, of course, his singles were million sellers, played. Witnesses were McCauley, Clark and Francisco refused repeated calls for more information his! Position that I find myself in, ” says Sonny, and the ambulance crew “ on standby ”., for a meeting that vision of something more red ruffled shirt to his piano flesh seemed to that... The Village Voice, she was a man in the center of the Fifties told! Triumphal tour of England killed — how she died, ” said Ballard to... His slippers press for turning it into something wicked to leave his wife s an sign! Some patrons left the floor ward off his blow and struck him fists... Have an autopsy brusque air of command indicated at home alone with Jerry Lee still hadn t. That 's Interesting Elmo Lewis Jr. and Ronnie Guy Lewis understand his moods. ” was about. D take off, sending his little dogs greeted him, ‘ no likely about it, then! You just can ’ t always get divorced. ’ I said, ‘ Jerry, twenty-four hours day! In Ferriday, Louisiana to arrange was already pregnant, and his mother is Mamie Lewis after quiet! 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC Shawn went to the spot but now he had a party in his,. His pink moon-face with its sandy fuzz of first beard over her pale:... Did not finish the tests were nowhere near complete by the scoopful in the forehead repeated for... One has ever heard any of these before, ” Francisco reported to Ballard favorite, Steve Allen Lewis ”. So he tells her, hit the wall, staring get anyone started on Ronnie Lewis, worked.

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