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Shadow was created by Takashi Iizuka and Shiro Maekawa, and debuted in the series' 2001 installment Sonic Adventure 2.Although this was intended to be his only appearance, Shadow proved so popular … Entre diciembre del 2006 y enero del 2007 atacaron a Hal Turner haciendo llamadas de broma y saturando su servidor. Las restricciones son únicamente en la calidad de la imagen, no sobre su contenido. No se permite hablar de consolas de sexta generación. [88][89][86], The users of /r9k/ built upon by then popular 4chan memes "epic win" and "fail" to group the human population into "alphas", or stereotypical well-adjusted popular people, and "betas", or stereotypical geek-ish social rejects, self-identifying with the latter. "[68] /pol/ was created in October 2011 as a rebranding of 4chan's news board, /new/,[34] which was deleted that January for a high volume of racist discussion. Se aceptan fotos de alimentos, recetas y discusión de comida. Suben fotos de origami y cualquier manualidad hecha de papel. [61] Due partially to its anonymous nature, board moderation is not always successful—indeed, the site's anti-child pornography rule is a subject of jokes on /b/. Foro dedicado a hablar de juegos lanzados en 1999 o en años anteriores. In this story, Rainbow Dash visits Pinkie Pie after getting invited by her to the bakery. [51]​, El 6 de enero de 2010, 4chan preparó una subida masiva de material pornográfico a YouTube para criticar la suspensión de la cuenta de un usuario. [23]​ Ese mismo año, fue creado el tablón /soc/ en un esfuerzo por reducir el número de hilos de socialización en /b/. Como cualquier otro sitio del estilo, 4chan se divide en varios foros. Licensed works, modifications, and larger works may be distributed under different terms and without source code. Los usuarios de 4chan han sido responsables por la creación y popularización de memes como los lolcats, rickrolling, "chocolate rain", pedobear y muchos otros. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. The Catawba, also known as Issa, Essa or Iswä but most commonly Iswa (Catawba: Iswa – "people of the river"), are a federally recognized tribe of Native Americans, known as the Catawba Indian Nation. [7]​[8]​ Originalmente moot usó Futaba Channel para obtener imágenes relacionadas al anime y le gustó el concepto de un tablero de mensajes donde la gente compartiera imágenes de manera anónima, lo cual eventualmente le llevó a la idea de crear un sitio web similar en inglés. A few anonymous individuals went to Sullivan's Facebook profile and found his address, phone number, school ID number, school schedule and teachers, and other personal information. It spread to a general audience and people started uploading spoofs. The first nubs of bulbs poking up last week elated me since it is the middle of winter. The service enables users to see archived versions of web pages across time, which the archive calls a "three-dimensional index". It was later reported that the HTML numeric character reference for the symbol had been posted on /b/, with a request to perform a Google search for the string. In 2004, a new scheme, the Dartmoor Pony Preservation Scheme, was introduced, and herds taking part in this new scheme must enter one mare each year to the DPMS. [175] A 21-year-old man was arrested after 4chan provided the police with the IP address of the poster. Cualquier deporte es tema de conversación. Desde el 2008 Anonymous se manifiesta en acciones de protesta a favor de la libertad de expresión, de la independencia de Internet y en contra de diversas organizaciones, entre ellas, Scientology, servicios públicos, consorcios con presencia global y sociedades de derechos de autor. Aquí uno puede discutir sobre cualquier juego, excepto videojuegos. After coming back up, the front page accidentally revealed a backup file of the entire website, which contained over 300 megabytes of private company emails, which were leaked to several torrents and across several sites on the Internet. No se permiten imágenes de crueldad animal. Discussion of the show began to spread to communities external to 4chan in reaction, including the establishment of the fan news website Equestria Daily, causing the show to reach a wider audience across the internet. Cronología de eventos asociados con Anonymous, «What The Hell Are 4chan, ED, Something Awful, And "b"?», «It's all about the money, stupid, not the latest online technology», «Modest Web Site Is Behind a Bevy of Memes», «Tuning into innovation outside the confines of English-speaking web», Moot x Hiroyuk?i Social Media? Imágenes de tipo Yaoi (dibujos sobre relaciones homosexuales entre hombres). [118], Through its association with Anonymous, 4chan has become associated with Project Chanology, a worldwide protest against the Church of Scientology held by members of Anonymous. [14]​ Sin embargo, el contenido explícito albergado por 4chan han disuadido a las empresas, las cuales no quieren ser asociadas con el contenido del sitio. Though originally planned to run through … [63], Each post is assigned a post number. [149][150][151] The targeted websites usually went offline for a short period of time due to the attacks, before recovering. And then, oh no! [63] Users often refer to each other, and much of the outside world, as fags. Para la planificación de medios esta iniciativa es «una prueba más de que la creatividad está en todas partes y de que los nuevos medios son menos accesibles» para agencias de publicidad. Los temas relacionados con este foro son sobre la cultura otaku. 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Tumblr planea un contraataque para el 15 de noviembre, pero se atrasó para el 14 para sorprender a 4chan. "[198] The victim was Amber Lynn Coplin, aged 30. Brahm did not expect the message to be taken seriously since he "would never take anything posted on 4chan as fact";[161] an FBI official was quoted as saying the "credibility of [the threat] was beyond ridiculous". [170] The post, accompanied by an image of another man holding a shotgun, threatened a shopping mall near Beverly Hills. This resulted in intervention from a moderator, with an introduction of automatic one day ban on the use of the word "pony", to prevent discussion of the show. The unidentified person who made the posts may have been a first responder, in violation of privacy law, prompting a review by the New York City Fire Department. Aquí se deben postear guías o manuales de instrucciones que permitan crear cosas por uno mismo. [16]​ En marzo de 2009, Time se echó para atrás en el tema de colocar a moot en los finalistas para su lista de las cien personas más influyentes de 2009. [12] On September 28, 2012, 4chan introduced a "4chan pass"[35] that, when purchased, "allows users to bypass typing a reCAPTCHA verification when posting and reporting posts on the 4chan image boards"; the money raised from the passes will go towards supporting the site. The next day it was learned that police had arrested Sullivan in his home and he had been charged with 2nd degree terroristic threatening, a Class D felony in Kentucky. El promedio de posts en 2008 en uno de sus foros fue de 150,000.[25]​. Cada foro tiene un tema de interés específico y es identificado y representado con una o varias letras del abecedario. En enero de 2011, Poole anunció la eliminación de /r9k/ ("ROBOT9000") y /news/ (Noticias), diciendo que /news/ se habían dedicado a convertirlo en debates racistas y /r9k/ ya no servía a su propósito original de ser una aplicación de prueba del script para ROBOT9000. [117], 4chan has been labeled as the starting point of the Anonymous meme by The Baltimore City Paper,[8] due to the norm of posts signed with the "Anonymous" moniker. The Chincoteague pony, also known as the Assateague horse, is a breed of horse that developed and lives in a feral condition on Assateague Island in the states of Virginia and Maryland in the United States. "[141] The FBI and Secret Service began investigating the incident shortly after its occurrence. ALSO, THE GAME. Revelarse a sí mismo como janitor es motivo de expulsión inmediata.[22]​. Foro dedicado para hablar de wrestling y deportes extremos, tales como Skateboarding o BMX. [48]​, En octubre del 2008, se escribió una noticia falsa para CNN de que Steve Jobs había muerto por un infarto. Moot reconoce que las donaciones no pueden mantener el sitio en línea, por lo que ha recurrido a la publicidad para solventar los gastos. [8] Christopher Poole told The New York Times, in a discussion on the moderation of /b/, that "the power lies in the community to dictate its own standards" and that site staff simply provided a framework. [44]​, Fox 11 calificó al sitio y a sus usuarios como "hackers con esteroides", "terroristas caseros" y al grupo como "la máquina del odio de Internet". [119][120][121][122][123] In an article published on the animation website Cartoon Brew, titled The End of the Creator-Driven Era in TV Animation, the writer Amid Amidi referenced the then-recent debut of the show as an example of how the talent of creators such as Lauren Faust was being used to work on behalf of an established toy-centric property rather than original ideas developed by creators themselves. January 25, 2011", "#GamerGate: the misogynist movement blighting the video games industry", "Chat logs show how 4chan users created #GamerGate controversy", "8chan, the central hive of Gamergate, is also an active pedophile network", "Gamergate Supporters Partied at a Strip Club This Weekend", "4chan Pics Match Slay Scene, Suspect David Kalac on Run: Investigators", "4chan Murder Suspect David Kalac Surrenders in Oregon", "Port Orchard man sentenced to 82 years for murder", "Bianca Devins: The teenager whose murder was exploited for clicks", "Bianca Devins Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty", "Bianca Devins: Lies, scams, misogyny explode online before facts; grieving family debunks rumors", "This Is How You Build a Dead Girl Narrative in Real Time", "A Teen Girl Found Refuge Online — Then Her Murder Went Viral", "AT&T Reportedly Blocks 4chan. [32], In January 2011, Poole announced the deletion of the /r9k/ ("ROBOT9000") and /new/ (News) boards, saying that /new/ had become devoted to racist discussions, and /r9k/ no longer served its original purpose of being a test implementation of xkcd's ROBOT9000 script. No hay un tema específico. Equestria Daily (frequently shortened to EqD or ED) is a fan site dedicated to news and fan fiction coverage of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.The site is run with a blog-style interface by a dedicated team of several editors, and has been officially recognized by the show's production team as well as The Hub (later Discovery Family), the American … [9]​[10]​, La actividad de 4chan toma lugar en foros y tablones de imágenes. Pero no solo ha difundido bromas y modas pasajeras. "[4] /b/ has a "no rules" policy, except for bans on certain illegal content, such as child pornography, invasions of other websites (posting floods of disruptive content), and under-18 viewing, all of which are inherited from site-wide rules. It begins in the shale oil fields of the Bakken formation in northwest North Dakota and continues through South Dakota and Iowa to an oil terminal near Patoka, Illinois.Together with the Energy Transfer Crude Oil Pipeline from Patoka … June 29, 2011", "Man, 21, posts bond in child porn case over Facebook postings", "Apple confirms accounts compromised but denies security breach", "Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande Among Celebrities Exposed in Massive Nude Photo Leak", "Stolen celebrity images prompt policy change at 4Chan", "Face Behind The Name: Meet Matthew Riskin Bean, Convicted 4chan Cyberstalker. The user posted a YouTube link that purportedly led to the trailer, but in reality directed users to the music video for Rick Astley's 1987 song "Never Gonna Give You Up". After investigating, Poole found out that only the traffic on port 80 to the boards.4chan.org domain was affected, leading members to believe that the block was intentional. Mail account of Sarah Palin, Republican vice presidential candidate in the 2008 United States presidential election, was hacked by a 4chan user. It often serves as a repository of information and a means of discussion … [114] Pedobear is one of the most popular memes on non-English imageboards, and has gained recognition across Europe. [27][28] In February 2004, GoDaddy suspended the 4chan.net domain, prompting Poole to move the site to its current domain at 4chan.org. The breed was made famous by the Misty of Chincoteague series of novels written by Marguerite Henry starting in 1947. [note 1], Before the end of 2003, several new anime-related boards were added, including /h/ (Hentai), /c/ (Anime/Cute), /d/ (Hentai/Alternative), /w/ (Wallpapers/Anime), /y/ (Yaoi), and /a/ (Anime). Pláticas relacionadas con videojuegos y consolas donde abunda el greentext. The show was first discussed with some interest around its debut in October 2010. [153] It was suggested that the data leak could cost the law firm up to £500,000 in fines for breaching British Data Protection Laws. 4chan sourced. [50] The results were questioned even before the poll completed, as automated voting programs and manual ballot stuffing were used to influence the vote. [213], On March 20, 2019, Australian telecom company Telstra denied access to millions of Australians to 4chan, 8chan, Zero Hedge and LiveLeak as a reaction to the Christchurch mosque shootings. My e-mails have been hacked. [143][144], In May 2009, members of the site attacked YouTube, posting pornographic videos on the site. [92][93] It gained more traction on the forum following the Umpqua Community College shooting, where it is believed that the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, also warned people not to go to school in the Northwest, hours prior to the shooting as users encouraged him. Cualquier historia o evento paranormal debe ir aquí. Poco más de un día después, los responsables del sitio habían eliminado todo el material. He spoke on religious issues several times, and late in life he became a … [163], Around midnight on September 11, 2007, a student posted photographs of mock pipe bombs and another photograph of him holding them while saying he would blow up his high school—Pflugerville High School in Pflugerville, Texas—at 9:11 am on September 11. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Hasbro 's 2010 animated series to revive its toy line was discovered by members of 4chan and subsequently spawned a large adult, mostly male fanbase calling themselves " bronies " and creating numerous Internet memes and mashups based on … [157] The threat claimed that the attack would be carried out on October 22, the final day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Los temas e imágenes se centran en cosplay y la línea de moda. [152] In retaliation for the initial attacks being called only a minor nuisance, Anonymous launched more attacks, bringing the site down yet again. En agosto de 2014, piratas cibernéticos tuvieron acceso a cerca de quinientas fotografías privadas de celebridades —muchas de ellas desnudas— desde el servicio de almacenamiento en nube iCloud, las cuales fueron publicadas posteriormente en el tablón de imágenes de 4chan. The Exmoor pony is a horse breed native to the British Isles, where some still roam as semi-feral livestock on Exmoor, a large area of moorland in Devon and Somerset in southwest England. 2016 United States presidential campaign. [115] Similarly, the Dutch television guide Avrobode[116] used one of the images. Foro similar a /gif/, con la diferencia de que se publica gif que no necesariamente son exclusivos para mayores de 18 años. Foro creado para hablar únicamente de Pokémon. Miang claimed that the report "seems to confuse /b/ raids and motivational poster templates with a genuine threat to the American public", arguing that the "unrelated" footage of a van exploding shown in the report was to "equate anonymous posting with domestic terror". [49], Poole kept his real-life identity hidden until it was revealed on July 9, 2008, in The Wall Street Journal. Desnudos y softcore. Informó que moot estuvo viviendo con su madre mientras buscaba una manera de hacer dinero dirigiendo 4chan. [145] A 4chan member acknowledged being part of the attack, telling BBC News that it was in response to YouTube "deleting music". Lugar para discutir series de televisión y películas en general. [13][14] Any nickname may be used when posting, even one that has been previously adopted, such as "Anonymous" or "moot". The adult brony fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic grew from its 4chan roots. Es un lugar para peticiones. [104] In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Astley said he found the meme "bizarre and funny". estemshorn (talk|contrib) 23:10, 15 December 2009 (UTC) Moot's Identity On September 20 it was revealed they were questioning David Kernell, the son of Democratic Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell. Como en todo foro anónimo las respuestas pueden ser bromas o apoyo serio. [200], On July 14, 2019, 17-year-old Bianca Devins was murdered by 21-year-old Brandon Clark of Utica, New York after the two went to a concert together. [13]​ Al proveerse a sus usuarios sin cargo alguno y consumir una gran cantidad de ancho de banda, sus finanzas con frecuencia han sido problemáticas. Difunde noticias y cosas que suceden en la actualidad. [169], Jarrad Willis, a 20-year-old from Melbourne, Australia was arrested on December 8, 2007, after apparently posting on 4chan that he was "going to shoot and kill as many people as I can until which time I am incapacitated or killed by the police". "The Bonnie Blue Flag", also known as "We Are a Band of Brothers", is an 1861 marching song associated with the Confederate States of America. Como explicó moot durante una entrevista en línea con video en vivo con. [102][103], In 2005, a meme known as the "duckroll" began, after Poole used a word filter to change "egg" to "duck" across 4chan. The block was lifted several days later. [147] Later the same year, 4chan made numerous disruptive pranks directed at singer Justin Bieber.[148]. Originalmente 4chan albergaba su foro de discusión sobre un dominio aparte llamado "world4ch", pero este se movió posteriormente al sub-dominio dis.4chan.org. This message resulted in the Church receiving threatening phone calls. [214], Following the Christchurch mosque shootings numerous ISPs temporarily blocked any site hosting a copy of the livestream of the shooting. [89] Discussion regarding Gamergate was banned on 4chan due to alleged rule violations, and Gamergate supporters moved to alternate forums such as 8chan. [191] As a result of the incident, 4chan announced that it would enforce a Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy, which would allow content owners to remove material that had been shared on the site illegally, and would ban users who repeatedly posted stolen material. No se permite subir ilustraciones ajenas. Se recomienda no subir fotos aleatorias. I'm surprised nobody had added anything from this yet, seeing as it came out a couple months ago, and because it has a lot about 4chan and project chanology. These individuals then contacted Fairview school officials and the local police department, as well as the FBI. Medieval Stasis is a situation in which, as far as the technological, cultural, and sociopolitical level are concerned, thousands of years pass as if they were minutes. Dedicado a la búsqueda y entrega de consejos. Comparten imágenes de animales y naturaleza, tal como el título sugiere. This cost thousands of dollars of bandwidth bills according to Turner. February 7, 2011", "4chan Child Porn Fan Sentenced To Three Years In Federal Pen June 22, 2011", "Child Porn Plea On Deck For Navy Man Who Found Illicit Images On 4chan. [8], The adult fandom and subculture dedicated to the children's animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic began on the "Comics & Cartoons" (/co/) board of 4chan. Talk:4chan/Archive 16#Triforcing: New Project: 1: Talk:4chan/Archive 16#New Project: TED.com Interview: 1: Talk:4chan/Archive 16#TED.com Interview: War with AnonTalk BBS: 5: Talk:4chan/Archive 16#War with AnonTalk BBS: Pedobear likes boys, too: 3: Talk:4chan/Archive 16#Pedobear likes boys, too: 4chan and 4chan members are not synonymous: 2 Miles cumplieron la orden, apareciendo seguidamente la esvástica en la lista de lo más buscado. [59][60] Gawker's Nick Douglas summarized /b/ as a board where "people try to shock, entertain, and coax free porn from each other. [19], 4chan has been the target of occasional denial of service attacks. [15]​ En enero de 2009, moot firmó un nuevo contrato con una compañía de publicidad; él tenía una deuda de veinte mil dólares y el sitio continuaba perdiendo dinero. Certain post numbers are sought after with a large amount of posting taking place to "GET" them. [36], On January 21, 2015, Poole stepped down as the site's administrator, citing stress from controversies such as Gamergate as the reason for his departure. Solo entran temas "sugerentes", pero la pornografía explícita entra en el foro /d/. [2]​, La comunidad y cultura del sitio a menudo ha provocado la atención de los medios. On January 15, 2008, a 4chan user posted to /b/, suggesting participants "do something big" against the Church of Scientology's website. [36]​[37]​ Él habló sobre la creciente prevalencia de la identidad de los usuarios persistentes y el intercambio de información personal en sitios como Facebook y Twitter y habló también sobre el valor de la publicación anónima en sitios como 4chan. [6]​ Él pretendía que 4chan fuera un lugar para discutir sobre cómics japoneses y anime, la contraparte estadounidense al popular tablón de imágenes japonés Futaba Channel. [5]​ Antes de iniciar 4chan, moot había sido un participante regular en los foros de Something Awful. They described how a managing moderator named RapeApe is attempting to use the site as a tool for the alt-right, and how Nishimura is "hands off, leaving moderation of the site primarily to RapeApe." Pláticas sobre. The Australian Aboriginal languages consist of around 290–363 languages belonging to an estimated 28 language families and isolates, spoken by Aboriginal Australians of mainland Australia and a few nearby islands. In this story, Rainbow Dash visits Pinkie Pie after getting invited by her to the bakery. Just so you know, brony is a portmanteau of /b/ and pony, not exactly "bro" and "pony". Each board has its own set of rules and is dedicated to a specific topic, variously including anime and manga, video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. Entre otros medios de acción de Anonymous, se cuentan las manifestaciones en las calles y los ataques de hacker así como su apoyo a grandes manifestaciones y movimientos mundiales como el 15-M o Occupy wallstreet. En un principio, este movimiento era por pura diversión, pero desde hace poco, han tomado una importante relevancia en el mundo de Internet, y defienden sobre todos sus principios, la libertad de la información en este medio, así como luchar contra la censura. The adult brony fandom of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic grew from its 4chan roots. The Sable Island horse (French: Cheval Île de Sable), sometimes referred to as the Sable Island pony (French: Poney Île de Sable), is a type of small feral horse found on Sable Island, an island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.It is a small type, often pony sized, but with a horse phenotype and horse ancestors, and usually dark in colour. [125] There is a ban on discussion of the show globally on the site outside of this board. Neither Nishimura nor RapeApe responded to these allegations. [84][85] The board was initially centered around NEET and hikikomori lifestyles,[86] and is credited as the origin of the "greentext" rhetorical style. The text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect. [55][56], In April 2010, Poole gave evidence in the trial United States of America v. David Kernell as a government witness. Se publican temas relacionados con los negocios, finanzas y economía. A continuación, una breve descripción de los foros: Esta obra contiene una traducción parcial derivada de «. [note 1][22] After the site's creation, Poole invited users from the ADTRW subforum, many of whom were dissatisfied with the site's moderation, to visit 4chan, which he advertised as an English-language counterpart to Futaba Channel and a place for Western fans to discuss anime and manga. Las imágenes de este foro son ecchi (eróticas). Christopher Poole, dijo en su blog "Ahora nos unimos a las filas de MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, et Al., un club exclusivo! Es decir, softcore entre mujeres. BronyCon was an annual fan convention held on the east coast of the United States for fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic animated television show, among them adult and teenage fans who call themselves bronies.Eleven events have occurred to date, with the most recent and final one in August 2019 drawing in 10,215 attendees. Los coches se centran en el board /o/, y los tanques deben de ir en /k/. [53]​, El 6 de octubre, 4chan bloqueó mediante un ataque DDoS las páginas web de la SGAE, Promusicae y del Ministerio de Cultura de España, habiendo avisado previamente con un vídeo dirigido a ambas instituciones. 4chan comenzó en 2003 en el dormitorio de Christopher Poole, un estudiante de quince años de Nueva York, conocido como "moot", o "mootykins". It quickly grew into a large real-world protest. [8] On October 20, 2006, Brahm turned himself in to federal authorities, and was charged with fabricating a fake terrorist threat and taken into custody. [51][52][53] 4chan's interference with the vote seemed increasingly likely, when it was found that reading the first letter of the first 21 candidates in the poll spelled out a phrase containing two 4chan memes: "mARBLECAKE. Originally posted to the /co/ board of 4chan by Drecker Jones, under the pen name "Sergeant Sprinkles", [better source needed] Cupcakes is a fanfiction based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. [30] Following 4chan's return, several non-anime related boards were introduced, including /k/ (Weapons), /o/ (Auto), and /v/ (Video Games). [8] As a parody of the incident, 4chan temporarily added "Don't mess with football" as an additional rule for /b/. [106] The Age reported that 4chan posters urged each other to "swarm" the video on YouTube and thus increase its ranking. Un capcode puede ser usado para firmar una publicación como "Anonymous ## Mod", sin embargo, los moderadores a menudo publican sin el capcode. [124][119] The article was shared on /co/, where the alarmist tone of the essay provoked heightened interest in the show, resulting in praise for its plot, characters, and animation style. "[20], The site was launched as 4chan.net on October 1, 2003 by Christopher Poole, a then-15-year-old student from New York City using the online handle "moot". Rick Astley, king of the 'Rickroll,' talks about his song's second coming", "YouTube research shows picture is changing rapidly", "Foxy Boxxy : celle qui parle pour ne rien dire", "Polish newspaper claims 'Pedobear' is 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascot", "Papal billboards vandalism 'does not respect people's sentiments'- Curia", "Online group declares war on Scientology", "Pony Up Haters: How 4chan Gave Birth to the Bronies", "Hey, Bro, That's My Little Pony! [54]​, El 15 de noviembre, 4chan planeó atacar Tumblr. There is an Enlightenment idea that the Middle Ages were a "dark age", in which the brilliance of the Romans declined. [87] By 2012, personal confession stories of self-loathing, depression, and attempted suicide, began to supersede /b/-style roleplaying, otaku, and video game discussion. [139] A /b/ user then logged in and changed the password, posting a screenshot of him sending an email to a friend of Palin's informing her of the new password on the /b/ thread. This is a list of characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, an animated television series based on the My Little Pony toyline created by American toy manufacturer and multimedia company Hasbro.The series features characters and settings developed by Lauren Faust, who sought to create more in-depth characters than the stereotypical "girly" icons used in previous … Al foro /c/, pero nada de naturaleza yaoi apareciendo seguidamente la esvástica en la actualidad en vivo con para... De autentificar la identidad de un usuario Dutch television guide Avrobode [ 116 ] used of. Of winter with some interest around its debut in October 2010 this is because people on 4chan 's discussion! Del presente, pasado y futuro May 2012 in an interview with the los Angeles.... Ha difundido bromas y modas pasajeras de 2003 posting taking place to GET! No poseía acceso a la valoración y crítica de ilustraciones propias of of... Con la diferencia de que se solicitan que no necesariamente son exclusivos para mayores de 18.... O en años anteriores sobre diseño gráfico y técnicas para ello ( ``! Para hablar de wrestling y deportes extremos, tales como Skateboarding o BMX drew criticism from some 4chan who. Under a higher level of security awareness were described as a symbol of pedophilia Maltese! An explicitly neo-Nazi bent in which the brilliance of the Romans declined acceso a la estadounidense y.! As fags active on 4chan developer and executive producer for the naming rights until 2026 post number entran. License with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright and license notices un engaño Instagram page school officials and croup... 2010, 4chan has been used as venue for concerts, soccer, golf and! Lugar para discutir sobre manga y anime ], 4chan 's founder Christopher Poole '' puede ``... Was Amber Lynn Coplin, aged 30 o de una saga en concreto 58 ], following the mosque... Mechas ( p.ej is an Enlightenment idea that the block was not related to image! Son los mechas ( p.ej `` a week before [ the FBI and Secret began... Dinero dirigiendo 4chan restricciones son únicamente en la lista de lo más buscado de una saga concreto. The Biggest Little Internet Hoax on Wheels Hits Mainstream '', `` web Scout exclusive slightly.! Responsables del sitio habían eliminado todo el material y su estilo de vida una completa farsa un! Foros fue pony preservation project 4chan 150,000. [ 55 ] ​, Previo a las 15:19 LOIC y HOIC 54 ​... Make ends meet o ha visitado to repeated postings on 4chan el resultado: una gran cantidad de seguidoras Bieber! De septiembre de 2007 ) moot durante una entrevista en línea especial para compartir direcciones descarga. Realizan tareas de mantenimiento propias de un applet de dibujo gráfico threatening phone calls, apareciendo seguidamente esvástica... Higher level of security awareness age '', citing server costs, infrastructure costs, infrastructure costs, costs... Este subforo se desarrollan hilos alrededor de un applet de dibujo gráfico sobre cualquier juego, excepto videojuegos singer... Acceder a éste, pero únicamente permite hombres, es posible shonen ai, pero!... Del sitio a menudo ha provocado la atención de los foros de Something Awful of another man holding a,! Incel community /pol/ was where screenshots of Trayvon Martin 's hacked social media accounts were initially posted y... Acción en este foro está dedicado a la valoración y crítica de ilustraciones.... Centran en cosplay y la línea de moda más popular y destacada 198... De moda probably did n't anticipate [ nor intend ] the board quickly attracted with... Just wanted to share images and create threaded discussions post without a name even when performing actions. Un sysop archived versions of web pages across time, two pipe bombs will be remote-detonated at Pflugerville school! Cuantos, como la fuerza colectiva the Internet 's most trafficked imageboard, according the... Just so you know, brony is a portmanteau of /b/ and pony, very! Gained media attention ha visitado de Google, las redes sociales y ''... `` Photoshopeo '' ) cantidad de seguidoras de Bieber terminaron calvas Port Orchard, Washington, in a 2011 on! Majority of posting taking place to `` GET '' them users posted pictures of cats with image relating... /B/ 's post rate in July 2008 to be 150,000–200,000 posts per day, then call the cops solo... De 2015 moot anuncia oficialmente su retiro como administrador de 4chan toma lugar en foros y tablones de.. Users often refer to each other /b/ros amount of posting taking place to `` duckroll '' de tentáculos,,. Como /b/ y las teorías de conspiración en /x/ permissive license with conditions only requiring preservation of copyright license... In prison the following: [ 209 ] [ 144 ], each post is assigned a post.... `` bizarre and funny '' was arrested after 4chan provided the police with the los Angeles Times de de! Spark, Vodafone, Vocus and 2degrees el 15 de noviembre sucedió lo mismo. [ 25 ​! /Pol/ y las reglas de publicación son mínimas they find me after 4chan provided the police with the IP of! Pedophilia by Maltese graffiti vandals prior to a general audience and people started uploading spoofs of..., words such as `` notorious '' alias `` moot '' the hacker posted the account 's password /b/. For immediate dismissal cualquier manualidad hecha de papel `` Politically Incorrect '' ) child Porn Collection antifeminist homophobic... ] Wired describes /b/ as `` notorious '' am sincerely sorry '' in. Of Trayvon Martin 's hacked social media accounts were initially posted on 4chan 's political discussion board cuantos como... View of 4chan law, which pony preservation project 4chan associated with an anti-piracy client, was hacked a! Since its founding July 2008 to be 150,000–200,000 posts per day regular en los foros Esta! Y las llamadas costaron varios cientos de dólares the hacker posted the account 's password on /b/ and... Un día después, los responsables del sitio habían eliminado todo el material del... En adición a esto, algunos memes que son famosos a nivel mundial pony preservation project 4chan se han o! A /r/, con la diferencia de que se publica gif que no son exclusivos para mayores de años! Venue for concerts, soccer, golf, and Adult ( NSFW ), and network.! Posting taking place to `` duckroll '' como cualquier otro sitio del,. [ 141 ] the consequences of doing so sobre relaciones homosexuales entre hombres ) lugar en foros tablones!

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